‚ÄčThe Wattbike is a versatile piece of equipment that can improve your sports performance, improve cardiovascular fitness, aid your weight-loss and keep you in top shape. Whatever your goal, I can provide a training program that is linked to your overall goal. If you're a cyclist, the Wattbike can be used to hit your goal to beat your PB up a hill, increase endurance and improve power output. By testing your functional threshold of power (FTP) I will be able to build a program around your fitness level with a view to improve it.         However, the Wattbike isn't solely for cyclists. The Wattbike can also enable improvements in performance sports such as boxing, swimming, football and rugby. Even better, the Wattbike can be utilised for those on a weight-loss program and those who want to become lean and toned by using it for HIIT programs and short sharp routines. Sessions are generally 40 mins and will be tailored to your needs. You may also find yourself off the bike and working your core as an added impetus to help you build strength to deliver power to the pedals. Sessions come in blocks of 8 with the (FTP) tests taken in the first and last sessions to track your progress.Book your session now with the online booking form.       Contact: Andyemail: andy@apt.healthmobile: 07981206617





'It never gets easier;

you just go faster'.

Greg LeMond