realistic and

personal goals,

planned action

around your


Personal training


To get the most from ‘Personal

Training’ it is critical that you set

a realistic and achievable goal.



As Master Trainer at A-PT my role is to help

guide you through goal setting using

SMART principles.


S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Agreed and Achieveable

R - Realistic

T - Time-framed or Time-bound


No matter what your goal may be, fat loss,

run a marathon, white collar boxing

conditioning, injury rehab etc, it is important

that the goal fits within the SMART principle



If your goal is weight loss it needs to be

managed, planned, achievable and sustainable.

You’re not going to lose 1 stone in two weeks! It

is important to have a short term goal - hit that

goal and reassess rather than a long term goal

that may seem unachievable.


When the goal is agreed between myself and you

I will put together an ‘Action Plan’ that will cover

all aspects from exercise plans, nutrition

guidance and lifestyle choices taking into account

your current fitness levels and where you want

to be.


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